White Stores Go Paintballing

White Stores team go paintballing in Billericay Essex

The White Stores team can usually be found in our garden furniture showroom or on the golf course on a Sunday, but yesterday we all got together to play paintball at the local Skirmish Wood in Billericay, Essex. White Stores founder James Whiteley wanted a great way to reward our team for all of the hard work they do for our company and our customers – and paintballing was the obvious choice.

We won’t dwell on the winners and losers (cough, green team) of these epic paintball battles. It’s not about the winning, it’s all about the taking part. It’s never about using up all of your ammo in the first round of play – or running down the hill in the open getting shot by all – like some of our wannabe Rambos tried.

Joking aside, we’re very pleased to say that our paintball event was a hit with everybody at White Stores. The day helped to build even closer camaraderie within our brilliant team.

“Wasn’t yesterday great fun! That was the first time I have ever been paintballing,” says Patrick Bridge, Contract and Trade Manager at White Stores. “My favourite part of the paintballing was the second level (with the big rolling ball). There was a lot more action on this level. I think we should go bowling next time!”

“Yesterday was awesome, I had a great time. I’ve never done paintballing before, but I loved every second of it. I thought it was brilliant how we all worked together, coming up with plans of action,” reveals Laura Watson, one of our Customer Service representatives. “The amount I ache today was well worth it!”

“Great day out,” agrees Gary Petts, Despatch and Transport Manager at White Stores. “Loved rolling around in the mud and water, and acting like a demented Rambo.”

We may be nursing a few bruises and strains today, but everybody at White Stores have smiles on our faces and paintball combat stories to tell. Now that’s a great way to start a Monday morning at work.

Paintballing Replayed

Loading up on paintball ammo

The White Stores warriors get ready for the fight.

White Stores orange paintball team

Team Orange.

White Stores yellow paintball team

Team Green.

Take cover during paintball battle

Hiding in the grass during paintballing

Apologies for these far away shots, but our war photographer was confined to the observation post during these battle royales. And, unsurprisingly, there were no volunteers willing to swap their gun for a camera on the battlefield itself.

Paintball splattered face mask

Looks like some of us need to practice on Call of Duty or Halo before we go paintballing again.

Plate of eaten BBQ ribs

What’s the best way to relax after such a fun and strenuous workout? Cold beers and hot BBQ ribs, of course!

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