On set with White Stores

At White Stores, we spent Tuesday 16th May filming for our debut TV advert. In this blog, you will get behind the scenes access to the ins and outs of the day plus an exclusive look at some of the sets advertised.

Time – 8:30am, Location – Ongar
We kicked off the day in Ongar, meeting the film crew and director and setting up our garden furniture in the first stunning location.







Once set up, the White Stores team transformed into amazing actors (awkward extras) – it’s amazing how hard it is to act naturally with a camera in your face! After a long wait for the sun to rear its head we were able to capture a few great shots and then it was time to pack up and move on to the next set.

Time – 11:30am, Location – Hertfordshire
Arriving at our next location we scanned the massive house and garden, we were all suitably impressed. After a brief panic over how the owner of the house’s dogs and our office dog Chester would get along, we began rearranging and setting up.

A short while later, the actors and stars of the advert arrived and were ushered into a makeshift hair and makeup corner before being briefed on the concept and staging of the advert.

After a quick trip out for food, leaving Tesco with only around 3 sandwiches left on the shelves (being an extra is hungry work) we had a spot of lunch in the sun (yes it finally arrived and turned into one of the hottest days of the year so far).

A quick costume change for the White Stores’ extras.

Lunch over, it was back to work. But of course, nothing ever runs completely smoothly and what’s that, oh yes that would be all three dogs weeing on the main actress’s leg/dress! Oops! What is it they say? Never work with animals!

After quickly cleaning the actress up we were underway filming the main garden party scene for the advert. A few cheers and some “natural laughing” later that was a wrap on this scene.

The White Stores team then transformed from awesome extras into awesome tidy uppers. Packing away all of our sets and loading up the van ready to head back to the showroom. Meanwhile, the star actors continued to film some key shots involving ordering garden furniture from the White Stores website.

That’s a wrap! With all scenes shot and everything packed up, we were on our way back to our Essex showroom, feeling very exhausted and pleased with the day’s work.

I won’t share what our advert is going to look like as it will be flying onto a TV screen in your living room soon! But I will say it involves, some garden parties, some neighbour envy and a whole lot of our awesome rattan furniture!

Want to catch our advert? Keep an eye on More4, UKTV and ITV Encore over the next couple of weeks!

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