Young Garden Furniture Designer Of The Year 2015

Young Garden Furniture Designer of the Year 2015

Ever needed a lightweight, portable dining table when you have gone camping with family or friends? Or how about a pair of wellies with a built-in side pocket to hold your shears or other gardening equipment? These were just two of the awesome design prototypes submitted to this year’s Unique Youngstars, the annual design contest organised by the spoga+gafa garden trade fair to showcase the talents of the world’s youngest designers of outdoor living products. Unique Youngstars 2015 saw 75 young designers from 32 countries compete for the top prize. These are five of our favourite designs among these eclectic entries…


Designed by Aditya Khutale in India, the minimalist Arko stools come in a variety of vibrant colours. They can be stacked together to save space when not in use, making them the perfect seating choice for bars, cafes and swimming pools.

Arko stool outdoors

Boots Shears

Once you see the photos below, you’ll quickly file this entry under the ‘why has nobody ever come up with this idea before’ category. Renaud Defrancesco from Switzerland came second in the Unique Youngstars 2015 contest with his brilliant Boots Shears design. By having a side pocket built into your wellies to house a pair of shears, the Boots Sheers instantly make gardening that little bit easier for all of us.

Standing in a pair of Boots Shears

Crouching in a pair of Boots Shears


Looking like a cloud in the sky, Cumulus provides a calming space outdoors. At night, three suspended lights provide an alternative appearance as silhouettes of the people inside are created. Designed by Jordi Iranzo, Nadine Kesting and Stefanie Rittler, the Cumulus is made of an elastic fabric. “Through the fabric you get to see only the shadows of what is outside and the sounds aren’t clear enough to perceive their origin,” say the young designers.

Cumulus in day time

Inside the Cumulus

Entrance to the Cumulus

Underneath the Cumulus

Cumulus at night time


This elegant wooden sun lounger, created by Nadine Kümmel Design, can quickly transform into a chair. It’s a novel concept, but the lounging option will always get our vote on a hot, sunny day.

Josefine wooden sun lounger and chair

Diagram of Josefine wooden sun lounger and chair


The snak portable dining table by designer Gunnar Søren Petersen was overall winner of the Unique Youngstars 2015 competition. Made from a single sheet of plastic with detachable wooden or metal legs, snak is a foldable dining table that’s large enough to be used by up to six or eight people. When folded down, the table can be carried with a shoulder strap for easy transport. The sturdy construction and weather-resistant materials used on the snak also make it ideal for outdoor use. The Unique Youngstars judges loved the snak’s intelligent design. An industrial designer currently based in Berlin, Petersen’s passion for materials, new technologies and aesthetics is perfectly highlighted with the snak table.

snak folding dining table cutout

snak folding dining table with shoulder strap

snak folding dining table topdown view

snak folding dining table closeup view

Here’s a video of Gunnar Søren Petersen putting up the snak table –

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