Wooden Garden Furniture Found On Top Of London Bus Stop

Wooden garden furniture on London bus stop roof

Is this an exciting new street art installation by the likes of Banksy or Damien Hirst, or merely a late-night drunken prank? Neither, according to street inspectors working for Westminster City Council. They believe this full set of wooden garden furniture was dumped on top of a bus stop in central London by some audacious, and as yet unknown, fly-tippers.

Unfortunately for this London council, they’d only just launched a ‘city-wide blitz on fly-tipping’ a few days before the two wooden garden chairs and side table mysteriously appeared atop the bus shelter.

Councillor Richard Beddoe, the council’s cabinet member for city management, commented:
“We removed the items as soon as we saw them. But it is amazing what people will leave on the streets for others to pick up. If we catch people in the act, we will have no hesitation in fining them.”


Fly-tippers can be fined up to £2,500 by Westminster City Council – and the council is now using social media to encourage local residents to report fly-tipping as it is happening.

Cllr Beddoe added:
“People need to take greater responsibility for their rubbish, there are 100s of ways to arrange collections, recycle or dispose of these items. We can only take action against fly-tippers if we catch them in the act or have evidence – so we are asking the public to help. We cannot continue to let this happen.”

If you spot more abandoned garden furniture in any public areas around Westminster, call the council’s fly-tipping hotline on 0207 641 2000 – or quickly grab it up and sell your free haul on eBay. But, of course, it’s never as good as buying new!

Image Credit:
Westminster City Council

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