Unusual Garden Furniture Ideas

Garden Furniture doesn’t have to be plane shapes and dull colours, we’ve been looking into some of the most unusual designs that could liven up even the shabbiest of garden spaces!

Designed by Pablo Reinoso, this Spaghetti Wall Bench is a modern twist on the bland wooden bench we’re used to seeing! You would definitely have the coolest patio with this mesmerising, unwinding seat.

What better way to recycle your old skis than making them into a funky seating area. Why not do this with all your old junk? Old tyres – tyre chairs or tyre flowerpots. Old CDs – hanging ornaments. An old chest of drawers – flower beds!

A little closer to our speciality, this poly rattan garden furniture has been turned into an unusual high heel shaped sofa bed/sun lounger. Perfect for shoe lovers!

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland this adorable teacup stool can be used as a table or a chair! Great for a tea party!

This Skull Chair and Brain Ottoman were crafted by artist Vladi Rapaport. This abstract chair is made from reinforced polyester with a veneer covered finish. The square, leather-covered ottoman also looks strikingly similar to a brain which completes the look!

Have you got any unusual garden furniture, perhaps you’ve crafted it yourself! We would love to see them, why not leave us a comment below!


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