How To Protect Your Garden Furniture Against Theft

How to protect your garden furniture against theft

While the rest of Britain enjoys the warmer weather, crafty crooks are already stealing garden furniture and equipment from unsuspecting homes and businesses. But how can you protect your garden furniture from theft? The outdoor living experts at White Stores explain how you can keep one step ahead of these rattan craving criminals…

As leading suppliers of garden furniture to homes and businesses across the UK, White Stores have heard many stories from customers who’ve had to replace stolen items of outdoor furniture and equipment such as chairs, tables, benches and BBQs. Even exotic plants aren’t safe from pilfery these days! The Government’s latest crime stats reveal that, in general, these incidents are opportunistic in nature, involving the theft of garden furniture or household items taken from outside people’s homes.

Only last month, an award-winning hotel on the south coast of England had to replace eight rattan sun loungers, after thieves posing as staff members stole them during a busy Sunday lunchtime.

“It just goes to prove that these brazen outdoor furniture thieves can strike at any time,” says James Whiteley, founder and managing director of White Stores. “We would like to warn our customers, businesses and the public at large to be extra vigilant, and take all available measures to protect their garden and patio furniture from these thieves.”

Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Garden Furniture

According to official crime prevention advice by the police and insurance companies, home and business owners should:

  • Make sure the fences around the garden or patio are in good condition
  • Ensure side gates, sheds and garages are locked when not in use
  • The addition of spiky plants or prickly bushes, high walls and gravel are useful deterrents to opportunist thieves
  • Cover any items that aren’t easy to safely lock away, such as outdoor kitchens, picnic benches and swing hammocks
  • Install good outside lighting
  • Mark your outdoor furniture with a postcode and house number
  • Take a photograph of each item of furniture
  • Consider joining or forming a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • Be aware of anyone acting suspiciously in your area
  • Check that your garden furniture has adequate insurance, in case you ever need to replace any stolen items

Call Crimestoppers

If you have seen anybody acting strangely near your home or business, or have been offered any cheap outdoor garden furniture for sale under suspicious circumstances, you can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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