Furry Garden Friends – How to treat them right

We all love a cute furry friend, many of us have pets ourselves! But what do we do about the furry little creatures that turn up in our garden? From hedgehogs to foxes, to badgers, we would like to help look after the animals this summer and protect them from any dangers lurking in your garden! Remember, the heat can be hard for animals too! And if your current view is that they are “pests” we hope to change that outlook and uncover how they can actually help your garden!

We’ll start with cute little hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are great for helping your plants as they will eat all the pesky slugs that come along to eat your plants. If you want to encourage the hedgehogs in to clean up all the slugs they love a meaty treat and dog food is their favourite! As an extra step to keep the hedgehogs happy, “nature highways” are a great idea! Leave a small gap between fences and surround them with shrubbery to give the hedgehogs a place to cross through.

Next up, foxes. Although seen by many as a nuisance, if given the right food they will leave your bins well alone! Our foxy friends have a sweet tooth and love fruit!

Now for badgers. Our stripy friends can be vicious so we would not recommend approaching them or encouraging them into your garden, but if you already have a regular visitor they have a taste for peanuts! Also, you could pour some water in a shady spot at dusk to encourage worms to the surface to help badgers and birds alike.

Speaking of birds… A variety of bird food is great for attracting multiple species. Fat balls, mealworms, peanuts, small seed mix, sunflower hearts and Nyjer seeds are some of the most common feeds. Have you thought about adding a bird bath to your garden? Not only are they pretty garden ornaments but they give the birds somewhere to cool down and grab a drink.

The summer months can be difficult for wildlife so supplementary feeding can be very helpful for our furry friends. However, whilst they are cute and there are some benefits to bringing them into your garden before you try to attract them consider what the animal will go through to get to your garden… Are there busy roads, predatory pets or neighbours that are less keen? Then we recommend leaving the animals well alone.

If you already have furry visitors then only feed them now and again so that they do not become reliant on you and your handouts! Also, be sure to clean away uneaten food so as not to attract unwanted attention.

Have you already got a regular visitor? We would love to see some pictures!

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