Dual Purpose Furniture

The summer is drawing to a close but are you still looking for garden furniture? Maybe you’ve got a garden party at the end of the summer or you’re hoping for a sunny autumn and want to stretch out those autumnal evenings around your comfy dining set. But maybe you’re put off by the worsening weather and looming winter days. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for all your summer dreams and winter worries…

We believe that many of our garden furniture sets double up as perfect conservatory pieces. So, during the summer months you can enjoy your furniture in the garden but during the winter months you have somewhere you can store your furniture and still get use out of it where it doesn’t look out of place!

At White Stores, we have a great range of rattan furniture which is perfect for this dual-purpose furniture, especially the lighter colours.









Inspired by our dual-purpose furniture idea we took a look at some other furniture pieces which have been used for more than one thing and there are some wonderfully wacky ideas…

This stunning piece of modern art folds down to create a handy dining table/breakfast bar. What a handy and decorative way to save space but get what you need!

These fun Rubik’s cube coffee tables are great for putting things on but they are also ideal for storing things away in as they double up as a handy storage unit/bookcase.

This fabulous staircase doubles up as the perfect place to store all that unruly hallway mess like shoes, hats and scarves. Blending in seamlessly, you would never know these stairs doubled up as drawers when they are closed!

Perhaps the original dual-purpose furniture piece – that of every 90’s teenager’s bedroom dreams – the folding wardrobe bed! If you can get over the fear of being squashed, this is a super fun idea to create extra space.

These great storage vaults double up as handy end/coffee tables which is perfect for when you have guests over and they need somewhere to rest their coffee!

Our dual-purpose furniture ideas might not be as wacky but they are certainly as useful! Why not take a look at our range of conservatory/garden furniture here: https://www.whitestores.co.uk/conservatory-furniture.html




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