The art of gardening

Nope, we’re not going to get all technical about how to grow plants and which flowers need sunlight and which ones need regular watering. We’re going to talk about how you can turn your garden into a work of modern art.

At White Stores, we offer a large range of garden art, wonderful pieces of recycled metals made into beautiful, colourful pieces of art which you can add to your garden to liven it up. However, here, we are talking about turning your whole garden, or at least a part of it, into a completely original work of art.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourites:
Repurposed Tyre Frog.

This cute little tyre frog, is a wonderful addition to any garden and a great place to plant your favourite flowers. Two Women and a Hoe have offered some great instructions to make your own repurposed tyre frog.

Whimsical Garden Sculptures

This amazing sculpture looks like a giant’s head coming right out of the ground! Have you got a mound in your garden? Perhaps you could recreate the look by planting some long grass at the top, for hair, and shorter grass along the mound, finishing with stones and large rocks to create eyes and ears.

Garden Mushrooms

These adorable toadstools/mushrooms give a very whimsical feel to any garden and can be created using flower pots, drain plates and a whole bunch of paint. Follow these handy instructions from

Farmyard Hedges

Trim your hedges into awesome farmyard animals, the more skilled you are with some shears and a trimmer the more creative you can get! This sheep creation is pictured at The Botanical Garden.

Junkyard blossoms

Organized clutter shared their pictures of their old bike turned into a beautiful planter and it inspired us for garden art. You could turn anything, including bikes, trainers, toasters, birdcages, and old pallets into gorgeous, blooming, planters.

Flower Power

This amazing butterfly sculpture was created using flowers and grass sticks. Although rather large, we think smaller versions would be easy to achieve.

Have you ever created your own garden art? We would love to see it! Please send us your photos and we might feature you on our social media pages!

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