Shed Of The Year 2015

Shed of the Year 2015 winner

For most of us, the garden shed is merely a convenient dumping ground for our old garden furniture, the lawnmower and some plant cuttings. But for a few dedicated sheddies, the humble shed is much more than this. These shed fans are fully prepared to spend countless hours of meticulous planning, construction and styling on their creations, transforming them into an outdoor oasis of supreme style, consummate comfort and unparalleled uniqueness.

Last night, Channel 4 and Cuprinol revealed this year’s winners of their popular Shed of the Year competition. The brainchild of shed-fanatic Andrew Wilcox (Uncle Wilco), he launched this nationwide contest nine years ago to celebrate the best of British sheds. Not only does it give all of us a rare insight into the world of the sheddie, it also helps to showcase the ingenuity and eccentricity of British design.

“Building on last year’s exciting competition, viewers have been amazed by the genius of the nation’s sheddies and their surprising and spectacular creations, packed with inspired design features for a mind-blowing range of eccentric uses,” say Channel 4 on their website. “All of the contenders are truly amazing spaces in which to live, work or play.”

Although some cynics may ask, can many of these buildings really still be described as sheds?

Shed of the Year 2015

Inshriach Distillery in Aviemore, Scotland by Walter Micklethwait
With an undoubtable shabby chic appeal, Inshriach Distillery was the overall winner of Shed of the Year 2015. This hen house has been converted into the unusual combination of a farm shop and Wild West themed saloon bar. What’s more, this award-winning shed is mostly made out of recycled materials, including bits salvaged from an old dismantled railway station, making it a fully fledged eco pub.

Shed builder Walter Micklethwait personally gives us a guided tour of the Inshriach Distillery in this YouTube video below –

Shed-y For Anything

From the Shedservatory to a shed on wheels, here’s our top pick of other finalists in 2015’s passionately contested Shed of the Year competition.

Micro Shed in Leigh, Greater Manchester by Colin Edmonson
Built on a miniature railway wagon, Colin Edmonson’s Micro Shed includes a stove and glass of whiskey to help keep you warm during the chilly autumn trips around the garden.

Micro Shed

Shedservatory in Amersham,Buckinghamshire by Ben Fillmore
Reminiscent of an episode of Thunderbirds or Wallace & Gromit, Shedservatory’s roof rolls open to reveal the sky at night. Guess having NASA as a neighbour isn’t anything spectacular to the local residents of Amersham, though, as the Shedservatory was entered into the ‘Normal Shed’ category.

The Shedservatory outdoors photo

The Shedservatory indoors photo

Simon’s Night Club in Chobham, Surrey by Simon Steele
Like many of us, Simon’s shed is chock-a-block full of collectables gathered from car boot sales over the years. However, on the outside, the shed is built over a pond with picture-postcard views.

Simon's Night Club shed outside

Simon's Night Club shed inside

Terry’s Treehouse in Dursley, Gloucestershire by Terry Meredith
Supported by four oak trees almost 15ft above the ground, Terry’s Treehouse has room enough for two beds and a barbecue area.

Terry's Treehouse

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