Rooftop Garden Cinema

Converted bungalow in Wiesbaden with outdoor cinema

This award-winning house in Wiesbaden, featuring an awesome outdoor cinema on the rooftop garden, was converted from an existing 1960s bungalow by local architect Roger Christ. But according to Christ, the city of Wiesbaden in Southwest Germany is probably one of the most boring and narrow-minded places for contemporary architecture in the world. Perhaps this is what fuelled his inspiration to do something truly modern and unique with House S?

“We were fascinated, but worried at the same time,” said Roger Christ in an interview with the Paperhouses blog. “We asked ourselves how to handle the existing building in a contemporary sense without destroying the original design. After a while we realised that this is a central topic of today’s urban development: the roof area as building land, which can be covered with independent buildings. From this moment on the design became pretty clear.”

Christ and his team eventually placed three single boxes on the roof of House S which are connected by a glass corridor. In this way they created different zones with different qualities, possibilities and perspectives.

5 Fun Facts About Wiesbaden

  • Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe
  • American rock ‘n’ roll star Elvis Presley often visited Wiesbaden when he was a soldier in the United States Army
  • Wiesbaden hosts the Rheingau Wine Festival every year in August
  • American tennis star John McEnroe was born in Wiesbaden
  • Tunbridge Wells is Wiesbaden’s twin town in the UK

House S – Bungalow Conversion

Wiesbaden House S exterior photo

This former Wiesbaden bungalow is now a three storey building.

Pine tree in House S courtyard

A variety of foliage located around House S – including an apple tree, pine tree and magnolia tree – help to emphasise the building’s individual zones.

House S features triple glazed windows

House S uses triple glazed windows for optimal insulation and energy efficiency.

Wiesbaden House S by architect Roger Christ

Sustainability, conserving resources and ecological designs are an integral part of the architect’s thinking.

House S living room and open kitchen

The large living room on the first floor also features an open kitchen.

Wiesbaden House S rooftop garden

Christ also added an outdoor cinema to the roof garden of House S. This ultimate form of home cinema looks absolutely stunning at dusk and night.

House S private courtyard

House S in Wiesbaden photography by Thomas Herrmann.

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