Contemporary Queenscliff House

Queenscliff House right ocean view from kitchen

Perched on the edge of a cliff, a lofty 100 metres above the ocean, this beautiful Queenscliff House was designed by Utz Sanby Architects with modern style and sustainability in mind.

The houses created by Utz Sanby Architects are unashamedly contemporary in their look. However, building homes that are also environmental responsive and sustainable is just as important to this Australian architectural firm as great design. The Queenscliff House in Sydney, Australia is a perfect example of their ethos.

Designed to seamlessly link the garden, home and ocean, this wedge-shaped building uses carefully placed structural walls and high level glazing to provide an abundance of natural light, ventilation and spectacular views.

Taking note of Sydney’s ongoing problem with water shortages, due to unreliable rainfall and population growth, the Queenscliff House employs large sub-floor rainwater tanks to supply water for flushing toilets, watering the garden and washing clothes. While in winter months, under-floor hydronic heating, better known as piped hot water to you and me, provides warmth to the living areas.

In an interview with the Australian edition of Grand Designs Magazine, Kristin Utz of Utz Sanby Architects revealed that today’s residential architects have a far better choice of energy-efficient materials to work with. High-performance glass, for example, can now be heated, can store heat, can insulate and can become opaque at the flick of a switch. The dark floor tiles used in Queenscliff House not only absorb the warmth, they also reduce ocean glare in the early morning.

The design and construction process for a building can be extremely daunting, especially for the uninitiated. That’s why the team at Utz Sanby Architects endeavour to communicate, educate and assist their clients throughout the entire process. They believe that the experience of designing and building a new home or project should be a rewarding and satisfying one for everyone involved.

Queenscliff House

Queenscliff House patio during the day

Queenscliff House in Sydney Australia

Queenscliff House left ocean view from kitchen

Queenscliff House patio closeup

Queenscliff House front at dusk

Queenscliff House garden patio at dusk

Queenscliff House cliff top location revealed

Queenscliff House photography by Marian Riabic.

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