5 Awesome Outdoor Swimming Pools

Awesome outdoor swimming pool in Melbourne

Probably due to the unpredictability of British summers, having a swimming pool in the back garden is still seen as something of a luxury item for us Brits. That’s why we could learn a thing or two from our Australian cousins when it comes to designing awesome outdoor swimming pools.

Melbourne-based Canny are an experienced team of pool builders who have created a stunning collection of bespoke outdoor swimming pools over the past five years. Before a single blade of grass has been touched, Canny use advanced 3D modelling software to help homeowners visualise how a new pool will look in their garden. This handy tool can even change the time of day to show the poolside area illuminated at night.

“We look at every project individually to ensure we cater the design, location, materials and features to suit the specific budget and lifestyle of our clients,” says Damian Canny, the company’s managing director.

Canny Outdoor Swimming Pools


A floating deck for alfresco entertaining provides the focal point of this unique lap pool design. Canny have wisely chosen splash-proof rattan furniture for the decking’s armchairs, footstool and coffee table.

Pool with floating deck and rattan furniture


Sometimes all you need is a simply-designed pool and let Mother Nature and subtle outdoor lighting do the rest. This swimming pool and matching spa have been tiled with Amalfi Poison tiles.

Swimming pool and spa at dusk


This L-shaped pool and curved pool house really makes a statement, especially at dusk and night time. The designers have done some particularly nice work with the lighting for this entire outdoor space.

L-shaped pool and curved pool house

Side view of curved pool house

Hoddles Creek

With a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the surrounding Eucalyptus trees and natural landscape, this negative-edge pool is a beauty to behold. As well as featuring a cabana and solar heating, the pool even has a robotic cleaner.

Negative-edge outdoor swimming pool

Negative-edge pool and sun lounger

Negative-edge outdoor pool and cabana


This L-shaped swimming pool incorporates a lap pool, spa, water feature and children’s pool. Each of these areas can be individually heated using an iPhone/iPad app.

Heated outdoor pool controlled by iPhone app

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