The World’s Weirdest Hot Dogs

Biker Jim's Classic Hot Dog from Denver in Colorado

The hot dog is just a sausage served in a sliced bun with ketchup or mustard, right? Think again! Because, as these weird, wacky and wonderful creations below show, there’s much more that can be done with the humble hot dog if you’re prepared to do a little creative thinking and tinkering with the ingredients and presentation.

Biker Jim’s

Limited edition gourmet hot dog by Biker Jim's restaurant

Pictured: Limited Edition BBQ Bacon Beer Brat Hot Dog by Biker Jim’s

If you are looking for an unusual hot dog, there’s no better place to start than Biker Jim’s restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Where else could you possibly eat a hot dog made from Alaskan reindeer, yak or rattlesnake? The sausages themselves are cooked in a traditional method, split down the middle and charred to perfection on a gas grill. Biker Jim’s Classic Hot Dogs are then topped off with Coca-Cola soaked grilled onions and a swizzle of cream cheese. Other toppings include harissa roasted cactus, Malaysian curry jam scallions and sriracha lime mayo.

Dat Dog Nola

Thanksgiving Special hot dog by Dat Dog Nola in New Orleans

Pictured: Thanksgiving Special Hot Dog with stuffing and cranberry sauce by Dat Dog Nola

Down in New Orleans, Dat Dog Nola are busy serving up gourmet hot dogs using Louisiana alligator, crawfish and Irish Guinness as unlikely hot dog ingredients. They also make a hot dog adaption of the classic three bird roast featuring chicken, duck and turkey. “It’s like a poultry party on a steamed and toasted bun,” say Dat Dog Nola on their website. For a tempting side dish, the restaurant’s tongue-in-cheek titled Anna’s White Trash Fries come loaded with cheese, chili, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, guacamole and sour cream.


Tempura Hot Dog by Japadog

Pictured: Ebi Tempura Hot Dog by Japadog

Vancouver in Canada is home of the Japadog, a range of classic American hot dogs, fries and soft drinks infused with a distinctly Japanese flavour. We’re talking about hot dogs that are topped with the likes of plum sauce, rice and seaweed. If you are still up for some dessert after munching down a Kobe beef hot dog and some Wasabi fries, Japadog even offer a deep fried hot dog bun filled with black sesame ice cream.

This is how a Japanese TV show reacted to visiting the Japadog hot dog outlet in New York’s Manhattan district. Along with cat videos, this is exactly the kind of thing that YouTube was invented for!


KFC Double Down Dog advert

KFC hot dog wrapped in fried chicken

The new KFC Double Down Dog, a hot dog wrapped in crispy fried chicken rather than a bread roll, has been a sell-out success for KFC in the Philippines. Yes, this really does exist. It’s not an early April Fools’ Day prank by somebody using Photoshop. “Orders of the all new, outrageously meaty KFC Double Down Dog are disappearing fast,” proclaim KFC’s Philippines division on their official Instagram page. The calorie counters on MTV‘s website calculate this hot dog packs a whopping 926 calories of fast food eating – and that doesn’t include the fries or a soda.

Vegas Premium Hot Dogs

Vegas Premium Hot Dogs - Black Terra

Image Credit: Akibun

Not only does this eye-catching black hot dog look like it’s carved out of charcoal, it’s actually made of the stuff too. The Black Terra Hot Dog by Vegas Premium Hot Dogs in Tokyo, Japan apparently uses an edible bamboo charcoal powder food dye to blacken the frankfurter and bun. Would you be brave enough to try one?

Hot Dogging

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