The World’s Weirdest BBQ Grills

Barbecue dining boat

Maybe it’s the party atmosphere or the informality of grilling food outdoors, but BBQ culture has always embraced its fun side. From “May The Sauce Be With You” aprons to “Getting Piggy With It” T-shirts, there’s never been a shortage of friendly barbecue banter to accompany any cook off. That sense of joviality also extends to the design of some BBQ grills too. Here are just five of the world’s weirdest and wackiest BBQs to make our clowning around cut…

Barbecue Dining Boat

Why just go punting and picnicking down the Thames or River Cam, when you could go waterborne barbecuing instead? Hammacher Schlemmer’s Barbecue Dining Boat seats up to 10 adults and goes for cruises lasting up to eight hours on a single charge. In case you were wondering, the parasol can be retracted when the BBQ grill is being used. Or there’s always the alternative of using a smokeless LotusGrill to cook up a feast. The downside? This dive-thru diner costs a whopping $50,000!

Barbecue Dining Boat cutout view

Barbecue Dining Boat's grill and dining table


Talented DIYer Greg Matta created this awesome Grilltendo by spray painting his Weber BBQ grill to look like a red mushroom from the Super Mario Bros. series of video games. “It was actually fairly easy,” says Greg. “But the paints were kind of hard to come by unless you knew where to look. I had to use some high heat spray paint otherwise the paint would bubble and peel every time I cooked in it.”

Grilltendo BBQ grill top view

Grilltendo BBQ grill front view


This custom-made gas BBQ, constructed from the front of an old VW Beetle car, was sold on GumTree earlier this year for £800. Dubbed the HerbieQ, this barbecue features a grill, hot plate and industrial castors for easy movement around your patio or garden. The car-becue’s solar powered lights and indicators even illuminate at dusk.

HerbieQ BBQ grill front view

HerbieQ BBQ grill side view

HerbieQ BBQ grill back view

Hot Seat

Hope the host of this low budget BBQ party doesn’t expect you to sit on this metal garden chair once the hot dogs have been cooked! Improvised genius or penny-pinching madness? We’ll let you decide on that one.

This DIY BBQ grill seat is Epic Fail

Secret Soviet Grill

Even Dr. Strangelove would be proud of this Cold War inspired grilling machine made by Greathouse Labs. Secret Soviet Grill is an all-in-one propane BBQ, charcoal BBQ and smoker that’s shaped like a torpedo. If that wasn’t mixed up enough, this Soviet sausage sizzler mimics the sounds of a submarine when it’s in operation, thanks to the barbecue’s built-in 175-watt stereo system.

Secret Soviet Grill BBQ

Secret Soviet Grill BBQ side view

Nice To Meat You

If you have spotted any strange BBQ grills out there in the wild, or made your own smokin’ hot smoker, please share these cool and crazy creations with us using the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below.

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